What a cute garland! And easy to make.

What a nifty idea! Sewn paper Garland Hanson Shades of purple, borrow Kryssies sewing machine. This would be super cute and inexpensive

Zomer Splash Spel: Estafette, spons met water door geven boven je hoofd!

Easy and fun children's birthday game: give a cup with water to the person behind you, but you can only do so by lifting the cup over your head!

إن ربي رحيم ودود

إن ربي رحيم ودود "Indeed my Lord is the Most Merciful, the Most Loving

Fantastic Arabic calligraphy  #afs #arabic #calligraphy

In the name of God: Most Gracious, Most Merciful. Blessed be He in Whose hand is the dominion and Who has the power to will anything.

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