Denim bag

,im sure me and my cousin lucy used to make similar bags when we where about 11 i just love them xx

Pottery Houses

how to combine these shapes with the tutorial for the plaster townhouse planter.Oh, I'm gonna have to do another craft class, just so I have an excuse to play! Originals by Vesna Gusman, who sells them on Etsy, and has a whole board on pinter


Curious, just as I bought knitting needles to learn how to knit, to then learn how to make slippers I finally find a lot of nice looking crochet slippers online.


Üstâd on

People, the best lawyer of their own mistakes, while for the mistakes of others is the best judge.

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Osman Tekin @tekinosmn Instagram photos | Websta (Webstagram)

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DIY - Fingerless Gloves Made from Socks.I just did this pin. I used a thick pair of boot socks that I had. I added diy heart patches also. They look really good + I like that it can all be made by hand - stitching.