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Find and save knitting and crochet schemas, simple recipes, and other ideas collected with love.

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Genius slipper design where you knit a short "scarf", fold and sew onto your bottom. Garter stitch extra chunky yarn about wide, and however many rows you need, then sew into the 2 layers of the felt bottom.

PORTAPANE - Linea Corallo - Raffinato e romantico portapane che saprà donare un tocco di stile ed eleganza alla vostra tavola

PORTAPANE - Linea Corallo

BREAD BASKET - CORAL Collection - Refined and romantic bread basket, that will donate a touch of style in your kitchen table

Cajitas organizadoras en tela

One yard, six little fabric boxes. 1 yard inches wide) mid weight canvas or similar woven 48 random or mismatched buttons 1 hank of.

broche perlée blackpearl - ancre 248 motif déposé @b_l_a_c_k_p_e_a_r_l #motifblackpearl

broche perlée blackpearl - ancre 248 motif déposé @b_l_a_c_k_p_e_a_r_l #motifblackpearl