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a cross - stitch pattern on the back of a surfboard
Kanaviçe etamin detay
a green table cloth with an embroidered border
HUZUR SOKAĞI (Yaşamaya Değer Hobiler)
an embroidered table cloth with pink flowers on it
a cross stitch pattern with hearts in purple and blue colors on the graph paper, as well as numbers
cross stitch heart chart
a close up of a knitted object with flowers and leaves on black background,
seccade 1
a cross stitched table cloth with pink and red designs on it, sitting on a white surface
an embroidered blue and white scarf with the name zyl ser written on it in cursive writing
a black shirt with white flowers on it is laying on the floor next to a blanket
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HUZUR SOKAĞI (Yaşamaya Değer H |
a black table cloth with yellow and white flowers on it's edge, in the shape of a cross stitch pattern
a white table cloth with pink flowers on it
a cross stitch design with two pink flowers and green leaves on white fabric, in the shape of a heart
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