Cartoon Network 20th Avviversay exhibition at SDCC

The Power Puff Girls by Ana Bagayan for an upcoming Cartoon Network art show at SDCC.

Ana Bayagan. The Tree Spirit

“the tree spirit” by ana bagayan, for the charity exhibition “green blood” at dorothy circus gallery

Paintings ‹ Ana Bagayan – Futurealism

Paintings ‹ Ana Bagayan – Futurealism

The Hypnotist

'There Is Time To Kill Today' - Ana Bagayan - February 2012 at Thinkspace Gallery


Armenian artists - Ana Bagayan was born in the Armenian capital of Yerevan. Ana studied painting at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. Her work explores images of adolescence as metaphors for larger themes of ethos and wonder.

Scarlet Child  by Ana Bagayan

Scartlet Child 16 x 20 inches Oil on Wood for the 100 Artists See Satan Show [link] Scarlet Child

Paintings ‹ Ana Bagayan

Opening February 4 at Thinkspace Gallery in Los Angeles, There Is Time To Kill Today will showcase new paintings, drawings and the debut of a new series of charcoal works on canvas from Burbank-based artist Ana Bagayan.