Bazaar gossip 1886 By Charles Robertson,(British, 1844-1891) watercolor & bodycolor with gum , 101.5 x 71.3cm

art-and-things-of-beauty: “ Charles Robertson - Bazaar gossip, watercolor/bodycolor with gum, x cm.

Osman Hamdi Bey Kaplumbağa Terbiyecisi

BEY Osman Hamdi ~ Turkish – ~ "The Tortoise Trainer" 1906 / Pera Museum, İstanbul / sold for the amount of million dollars in December 2004

Charles Robertson - Shoes of prayers in front of a mosque

The artwork Shoes of religious Moslems in front of a mosque - Charles Robertson we deliver as art print on canvas, poster, plate or finest hand made paper.

Rudolf Ernst (1854-1932),  Le Harem de bain

Rudolf Ernst The Harem Bath painting for sale - Rudolf Ernst The Harem Bath is handmade art reproduction; You can shop Rudolf Ernst The Harem Bath painting on canvas or frame.

The Harem Dancers - Fabio Fabbi

The Harem Dancers - Fabio Fabbi. Odalisque was sexual slave in The Ottoman palace. Especially the young girls was raised for sex and entertainment.


Artist: Jean Discart (French Title: The Pottery Workshop, Tangiers (L'Atelier de Poterie, Tanger) Medium: Oil on Panel