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Rosemary Reduces Blood Sugar Spikes and May Help Reduce Body Weight By Over 60 Percent

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However, cinnamon is also a great natural medicine to include in your daily diet. The health benefits of cinnamon are numerous, and they can help you lead a healthier lifestyle.

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A popular fruit berry in Hawaii, the fuzzy-leaved Poha Berry bush produces about a sweet/tart berry with smooth, waxy orange skin.

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The most common benefits of echinacea nowadays are for helping to reduce symptoms as well as the duration of the common cold and flu

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Low FODMAP Resources - What's all the fuss about fibre By: Stephanie Clairmont Has a doctor told you need more fibre to control your IBS? Read on to find out which types of fibre are likely to help you and which might make your symptoms worse.

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Rich in a variety of bioactive compounds, consumption of green tea in both leaf and extract form offers many health benefits. However, it is green tea’s supposed fat burning properties that have resulted in its inclusion in many fat burning supplements.