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The Blackberry Salad Striped Baby Bonnet is so cute I had to share it! Paired with the original Blackberry Salad Striped Baby Blanket it's the perfect gift!

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This blanket is inspired by the bright, exciting and high-contrast graphics of comic books and American Pop Art, and Tin Can Knits designer Emily Wessel's love of polka dots in general. MMMmmmm who doesnt love a good polka dot? The Pop Blanket can be made

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The Loopy Love Blanket is so fun to make! The pattern is easy to memorize, the stitches just fly by, and the end result looks way more complicated than it should. And in 3 colors, you can change colors every row and never have to cut the yarn!

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Rainbow Dash Baby Blanket free pattern **Made this blanket for GG. Was beautiful and bright but she had no idea it was a "Rainbow Dash" blanket and changing colors every 2 rows was a pain.

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Joining blanket square Cast on three stitches on dpn. Slip last stitch to rh needle, pick up edge stick, pass slip stitch back to left needle, knit knit middle stitch, rot for pop edge