Cartwheel Compass Quilt -- marvelous ably made Amish Quilts from Lancaster (hs4718)

Multicolor Cartwheel Compass Quilt -- exquisite Amish quilt from Lancaster PA. Specially made by an Amish woman in her own home.

chenille bed spreads: My grandmother had these.  (I used to pick out the chenille during rest time!)

cotton chenille vintage bedspread floral design by LathandPlaster


I wanna hide under this pretty chenille.Just pretend you don't see the big lump in the middle of the bed. LOL Calling the big lump (me hiding) Trapunto work in your Chenille bedspread probably won't work either.

bright red Peacock chenille bedspread

Beautiful bright red Peacock chenille bedspread size inches- shown on double bed Ella would love this!