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Toss out basic white layers and fondant flowers. The artistry behind these cakes makes each and every one a museum-worthy piece of art. From fantasy to floral watercolors, geometry to geology, these cakes are your wildest dreams come true. Below we’ve collected 17 of the most unique wedding cakes, f

10 Prettiest Pastel Desserts For A Spring Soiree: Colorful Cake Pops. As a fun surprise, make different colored pops different types of cake. (Things To Baking Desserts)

Valentine's Day Cake Ball Pops

Valentine's Day Cake Ball Pops - Need a few Valentine’s cake pop decorating ideas? We have a few easy ways to create heartfelt cake pops to give as treats to your sweethearts. Candy Melts candy and Wilton Sprinkles make them even more tempting!

Glitter Cake Pops Inspired by The Hunger Games | Jamilah Photography

How do you genie-fy a cake pop recipe? Cover it in hot pink, purple, and silver edible glitter! These shimmering, shining desserts would fit perfectly into your preschooler's sparkly Shimmer and Shine birthday party spread.