I would like to make a guitar storage unit that's functional as well.

* A really nice guitar storage unit with a truly functional top from ~ Here is…

Carvin SH575 pretty

Play The Guitar Easily With These Simple Learning Tips. Many people have dreams of becoming a great guitar player after picking up the instrument. Even the greats had to learn how to play the guitar.

First purchase after winning the lottery. Fender, Fender Stratocaster John Mayer 'The Black One Relic'.

Fender, Fender Stratocaster John Mayer 'The Black One Relic'. Something to be said about beat up Fenders.

Custom Guitar "Let me sing while you play" (wait, there's something between your teeth).

Custom Guitar - laughing mouth with big teeth and tongue. Control knobs look like huge cavities!

ESP Horizon-CTM Puzzle

Super duper pics of 2009 Gakki Fair Customs - bmusic Australia Forum - Brought to you by the the 9 times in a row Australian ESP Dealer of the Year

1962 Fender Stratocaster in black. Gorgeous guitar, worn in all the right ways

id love to know the story behing every missing but of paint, every ding in the neck, every stain on the pick guard. i would take a well played well worn guitar over something new and shiny any day