popol vuh

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Wood, Metal Art, Animais, Animal Sculptures, Animaux, Art Toy, Kunst, Ceramic Animals, Dieren
Самые-самые... / Перепост
an old wooden statue is holding a piece of wood in its mouth and wearing a large headdress
(#17) Colima Preclassic Dancer with removable headdress Late Preclassic, ca. 300-100 B.C.
an old wooden statue sitting on top of a table
artnet Magazine
a painting on the side of a building with an eagle in it's arms
Mayan mural, National Museum of Anthropology, Mexico City
a tall brick building with carvings on it's side
Carved column, Basilica of Leptis Magna
an intricately carved stone structure in the middle of a dirt area with holes for people to see
an ornate painting with horses and symbols on it
an old book with some writing on it's cover and diagrams about the ancient art
Mexican Art, Mosaic Patterns, El Dorado, American Art, Dreamworks, Inca Art
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the book cover for popol vuh, with an image of people and animals
Popol Vuh: The Definitive Edition of The Mayan Book of The Dawn of Life and The Glories of Gods and Kings