DEUTSCH Ludwig Austrian (Vienna 1855 - 1935 Paris 1935) ~ The Scribe

DEUTSCH Ludwig Austrian (Vienna 1855 - ~ The Scribe. An Austrian painter who settled in Paris: from a well-established Austrian Jewish family.

Osman Hamdi Bey

The Lady by Osman Hamdi Bey~ Turkish – ~ Ottoman statesman, intellectual, art expert

OTTOMAN ISTANBUL Osmanlı İstanbulu

A trip to Küçüksu, along the Bosphorus. Late-Ottoman era, end of century.

Federico Ballesio (Italian 1860-1923) - Flirting with the carpet seller

Edwin Lord Weeks (American, – The Silk Merchants Jean-Léon Gérôme ( 1824 – – Carpet Merchant in Cairo Francesco Ballesio (Italian Painter , – The Carpet …

OTTOMAN ISTANBUL, GALATA TOWER-Osmanlı İstanbulu, Galata Kulesi

Istanbul is full of amazing architect! Here is the the tallest tower in Istanbul the Galata Tower. I heard a rumor that the top of the tower is used to spot fires in the city.

Oil Paintings by Chinese Artist Guan ZeJu

25 Beautiful Oil Paintings by Chinese Artist Guan ZeJu

Aivazovsky, Boat Ride by Kumkapi in İstanbul 1846

Ivan Constantinovich Aivazovsky - Boat Ride by Kumkapi in Constantinople - Ivan Aivazovsky - Wikipedia