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Avoiding having a grumpy lover is the inspiration behind designer Francois Rybarczyk’s Cinna lamp! The lamp was designed to be used when you’re reading in bed while your significant other is trying to catch some Zzzzzs. The opaque shell twists to reveal an adjustable, subtle glow emitted from below that won’t disturb. Gotta love the combination of ceramic and cork materials together!

Cinna lamp, created by Francois Rybarczyk, is the one for you. The light comes from the bottom of the lamp instead of the top, so your significant other won’t have a constant light disturbing their sleep time.

The t-Point has a modern contemporary style and is a highly versatile kiosk which can be used in a number of different ways. It is used by the NHS in various hospitals as a self check in and information kiosk. Designed and Manufactured by 10 Squared.

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