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Filip Slováček | "This is my very first watch concept. It’s called Mask Watch because of two rotary layers which are masking numbers." CEO of myself, founder of nothing, alcohol enthusiast, authority hater, rules breaker etc. the design blog: facebook | twitter | pinterest | subscribe

Mask Watch concept by Filip Slovacek, via Behance simple. in my upper back. a sense of calmness spreading at the most tense parts of my body

Crossover Watch

Crossover Watch is a contemporary design modeled after the game "pick up stix". Its elegant hands, that appear to be precariously balanced, rotate around the dial. Crossover is a modern watch with tapered white, gray and yellow hands. The second hand is

Projects Nadir Watch available at

Nadir is a unisex watch measuring in diameter. Telling time could not be easier. The arrow points to the time!