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Tommy Hilfiger'dan güneş enerjili ceket

Tommy Hilfiger launches solar power jackets to charge your phone. The clothing label has developed a range of clothing embedded with solar panels so that you always have backup power for your devices.


The app that helps communicate for you during a meltdown. Developed by a 21 year old autistic software engineering student.


Android M versi Terbaru dan Fitur Penting nya


Wet smart phone being taken out of toilet - Peter Cade/Iconica/Getty Images


For when I travel OUTSIDE of the UK: Your smartphone is about to become your best friend when traveling, even if you don't want to shell out big bucks for an international data plan.


Sony se celkově daří, kazí to jen ztráty a propad mobilní divize

Mark Zuckerberg'den Apple'a sert eleştiri!

'We wouldn't exist without immigration': Cook and Zuckerberg Cry Bloody Murder About Trump's Immigration Freeze

Google, Nexus 4 ve Nexus 6 için Android 5.0.1 güncellemesini yayınladı

Google, Nexus 4 ve Nexus 6 için Android 5.0.1 güncellemesini yayınladı

Zorlu Center'daki Apple mağazası Apple'a ödül kazandırdı!

Apple Store NYC - The flagship store on & is open 365 days a year. Their various shops throughout the city are a good place to access free internet for visitors too. (Apple products/various locations)