Killer Whale 2015 (2) | by ORI_Q

In his ongoing series of origami animal sculptures, Vietnamese artist Hoang Tien Quyet – featured previously – loves to use a special technique where he wets paper to create curves instead of the usual.

Swan 2014 | by ORI_Q

Wet-folded from 1 uncut triangle of Vietamese handmade paper. This version is a development of my previous swans. I use more pleat folds and curvy shaping to create a wavy feel of the subject. It has no real body, just feeling.

Clydesdale 2014 | by ORI_Q

A variation of my horse created for 2014 New Year - the year of the horse. Wet-folded in 2015 from 1 uncut square of Arches watercolor paper, Arches makes the difference here, as it’s perfect to create such a form in origami.