The thing I love about jellyfish is that they remind me of both the beginning and end of time. “Rising Jellyfish” by Josef Gelernter :)

The Spanish dancer (Hexabranchus sanguineus - meaning "blood-colored six-gills") is a dorid nudibranch. Not a human dancer, but amazing colors.

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It attracts predators to its but with all the fluffy decorations that way if they bite it it won't die.

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Fractal - Sea Creature is a piece of digital artwork by Susan Savad. Fractal - Sea Creature' - One never knows what sea creature is lurking deep in the ocean.

Santa Barbara Janolus nudibranch on the reef at Anacapa Island, California, off the coast of Ventura (by divindk)

The aptly named Ping-pong tree sponge (Chondrocladia lampadiglobus) is a carnivorous sponge. Those ping-pong ball looking things are covered in tiny spicules which the sponge uses to catch tiny crustaceans.

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Sea Slug Spanish Dancer - so vivd - Nudibranch (Nembrotha Kubaryana) ~ By Coppertane

Funny pictures about Amazing Blue Sea Slug. Oh, and cool pics about Amazing Blue Sea Slug. Also, Amazing Blue Sea Slug.

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