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the 8 ways kids can calm down and be happy with each other info graphic by @ vertromestool com
The 5 tips that WILL help you calm your angry child down.
Tips for Calming the Angry Child: Why it's ok to be upset, and how we can help our kids learn to calm themselves anywhere!
an ad for the spanish language website, showing instructions on how to use hand sanitizers
Do you sometimes feel like you talk too much? Silent Signals can be a great Positive Discipline tool for kindly and firmly communicating. It is important to make an agreement in advance and have children help you come up with the silent signals. Our blog this week includes several real-life examples of silent signals that have worked for parents and teachers.
a poster with the words decide what you will do, instead of engaging in power struggles
Decide What You Will Do
an image of a poster with the words acuerdos written in spanish and english
Positive Discipline- screenshot
an email message is shown on the screen, which reads follow through and if you say it
Positive Discipline
Positive Discipline blog.
a poster with instructions to help children learn how to use the routine for each child
The more children do for themselves, the more capable and encouraged they feel. One of the best ways to avoid bedtime hassles and morning hassles is to get children involved in creating routine charts and then letting them follow their charts instead of telling them what to do.
a poster with instructions on how to teach kids to read and watch tv or movies
Distract & Redirect
a poster with the words 3 r s of recovery
3Rs of recovery
a poster describing how to empower your kids
Top 10 Parenting Tips
Positive Discipline: Helpful Hints For Empowering Vs. Enabling
a poster with an image of two people talking to each other and the words act without words
Act Without Words - A Positive Discipline Tool Card
At times the most effective thing to do is keep your mouth shut and act. Follow through by acting kindly and firmly without saying a word.
the wheel of choice poster with instructions for using it to teach children how to use them
The Wheel of Choice
Positive Discipline: The Wheel of Choice
a poster with an image of a woman holding a child and the words, motivation for children
Motivation - A Positive Discipline Tool Card
a poster with an image of a man reading a book to a child on his lap
One of the most encouraging things parents can do for their children is to spend regular, scheduled special time with them.
a poster with the words natural consequents on it
NATURAL CONSEQUENCES | Positive Discipline