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Naruto  the many faces of pain

Why Were The 6 Paths Of Pain Ninja From Jiraiya’s Past? on OtakuKart – So why were the 6 paths of pain all shinobi that Jiraiya had met in his travels?

versión normal:…… No es mucho el cambio físico xD Bien esta es Tori versión RTN, no tengo mucho que decir así que iré dir...

as the title says, this is my character sketches ^ ^ try to write some basic information about my Naruto OC: Name: Tobari Nanako (her real name is Tori.) Age: Part I: Part II: Family: unk.

[Ych#4] for Konnuu by on @DeviantArt

finished YCH for I like the result and OC! [Ych for Konnuu