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Vintage Egg Collection A carefully laid out collection of eggs bought from a farmer who gathered them in the hard to get away from how pretty eggs are. Great photo if I ever need to replicate eggs

Coffee or Tea? Or both? Read this to find out the benefits of coffee, the benefits of tea, and the down side to both. What's your preference? #BenefitsOf Coffee #BenefitsOfTea

The Health Benefits of Coffee vs Tea Infographic. This infographic compares a side by side of the two popular beverages and illustrates the health benefits and downfalls of both so that the decision is best left up to the beverage consumer.

Leaving a little surprise for the next people who change the carpet: | The 23 Greatest Pranks Pulled In 2013

How to Play an April Fool's Day Prank on Your Family. The first day of April is celebrated as April Fool's Day. On April Fool's Day, it's tradition to pull a prank on someone. If you're living at home, it can be fun to prank your family.