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14 Life Hacks That Are Actually Helpful

Potting shed

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I've been pining for a pair of oversize Versailles planters to flank my front door ever since we b...
Aluminum Planters | Accents Of France - Treillage
Les fleurs de la #MaisonDeLaReine // Flowers of the #QueensHouse    #chateaudeversailles #palaceofversailles #versailles #chateauversailles #marieantoinette #hameaudelareine #queenshamlet #igersversailles   EPV / Thomas Garnier


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many different types of fruits and vegetables are on display at the market table for sale
Farmers Market- 8/23
a wooden shelf with jars and flowers on it sitting in front of a white picket fence
the little free florist sign is on display with flowers in pots below it
an old fashioned seed library in the grass
Little Free Seed Library
a small wooden shelter sitting on top of a dry grass field
a sign for fresh produce on display in the grass with trees and signs behind it
a small white outhouse with the words farm stand on it's side and trees in the background
a woman standing next to a cart filled with flowers
City girl flower farm cart
flowers are on display at the flower stand in front of a building with a sign that says fresh flowers
Flower Wagon
a small white shelf with flowers on it in the grass near some trees and leaves
Peck and Petals Farm Stand! 🌸🐓