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a menu with different types of food and drinks on the side, including an image of a
5 Pirate Legends & Myths Infographic | Costume Supercenter Blog
Pirate Day - more myths and truth!
an architectural drawing of a roman temple
Rome, Forum of Caesar (1998-2008): Reconstruction view of the Temple of Venus Genetrix in Forum of Caesar the early 1st Century A.D. (Trajanic reconstruction). - a photo on Flickriver
Rome, Forum of Caesar: Cut away view of the Temple of Venus Genetrix in the Forum of Caesar, early 1st Century A.D.
an old manuscript with writing on it and a drawing of a woman's face
Matt Groening, your lawyer is on line two (Mmm… Marginalia #16)
From Bodleian Library MS Bodl. 693, a fifteenth-century gradual. (It has been pointed out that this character looks like Matt Groening's Simpson's character, Moe. rw)
an ancient painting on the side of a building
'Tomb of the Acrobats, Detail of a Dancer' Giclee Print - Etruscan |
Etruscan fresco
a living room filled with lots of furniture next to a wall covered in mirrors and lights
August 2, 2011 – Temporary Brit
Reconstruction of Roman living area (also known as exedra) from Museum of London
a drawing of a building with people walking around the corner and on the street below it
Roman insula by Mitsuko Onodera
a map of asia showing the major cities
The Enigmatic Etruscans
768 BC–264 BC: Extent of Etruscan civilization and the twelve Etruscan League cities.
a bronze statue of a horse standing on bricks
The Etruscan horse The horse is a strong symbol in the Etruscan culture. As in the Egyptian or in the Chinese culture the Etruscans would put in their tombs a large number of warriors or horses or chariots...the horse has also the meaning of strength and power. This horse is a consequence of the exchanges the Etruscan had with Greece.
an ancient painting with men and women on the side of a building, one man is holding
Wall-painting of the Augurs Tomb in Tarquinia. Detail. Tarquinia, Tomb of the Augurs
Wall-painting of the Augurs Tomb in Tarquinia. Detail. 6th century BCE. Tarquinia, Tomb of the Augurs.
two men sitting next to each other in front of a painting on the side of a wall
Etruscan Tomb Paintings: Ancient Man and His First Civilizations
Etruscan Tomb Paintings: Ancient Man and His First Civilizations
a map of the roman empire showing its cities, towns and their territorial territorys
Pre-Roman Pottery & Etruscan Ceramics - Ceramic History Tutorials for Potters and Clay Artists
Detail of Map of Italy 5th century BC: Etruscan territory and sphere of influence.
an ancient mask with horns on it's head in front of a stone wall
Flickriver: Photoset '#72157625467030948' by ЯAFIK ♋ BERLIN
Etruscan art, faun.||| The Etruscans are overlooked by many, when they were the ones who provided us many technological ques we use today, that we mistakenly think the Romans gave us alternatively.