Hijabi Swag | Hashtag Hijab

This would look great in a vintage lace redesigned bridal hijab. Front in pretty transparent lace with tiny flowers and the side that drapes along the face edging from complete opaque to sheer or detailed vintage design.

Sports Hijab by ResportOn - An interesting idea for the sporty woman who wears a hijab.

Sports Hijab by ResportOn - While I am not of a religion or ethnicity in which wearing a hijab is common I still think this is a fantastic creation for sporty women who do wear hijabs.

بالصور: ١٠ أفكار للفات طرح عصرية وأنيقة | سوبرماما

absolutely love this hijab and love hijabhouse- my all time favourite hijab store!


I adore complicated headdresses, wraps and turbans. While not the height of current belly dance style, I love this look.