OMG!!! Love Love Love!!! Embroidered roses

delicate embroidery, Grandma J's home filled with beautiful hand sewing & stitchery. "Mary Francis" always surrounded herself with beautiful handmade things. I beleive my sister inherited that trait of needlework & immagination from her.

Monogramas de Mary Corbet, mi maestra virtual

Hand Embroidered Monogram: Delicate Spray A-C

Etamin Pano Modelleri

Etamin Pano Modelleri

Gorgeous patchwork Butterfly Pattern Finished image measure 7 x inches on 14 count aida. Contains only whole cross stitches and


RESERVEDVintage Bucilla kanivicakanivicaNeedlepoint by TheLittleThingsVin on Etsy

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