These astounding needlework pieces are by self-taught embroiderer Trish Burr from Cape Town. She has written several books on the technique.

【卷针玫瑰绣刺绣方法】卷针绣(也称绕针绣或缠针绣),这种针法常被用来绣玫瑰或蔷薇。玫瑰绣的绣线要粗一些,若用25号的十字绣线可用3~4股线来绣。在毛衣 或者毛呢衣服上可用细毛线进行刺绣。(缝艺学堂)

【卷针玫瑰绣刺绣方 - /erikadelrosario/bordado-cintas-calados/ BACK Just learning to make bouillion knots.

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Sweet idea - cute ribbon butterflies embellishment for towels, cushions covers, table mats etc.

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