Free Islamic Calligraphy | Al-Baqarah 2, 255 (Ayat Kursi)

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Ahmet Kutluhan - Levha - 8'li Mâşâallâh

“ماشاء الله” re-union: “Masha’Allah” by Ahmet Kutluhan

Rabbiniz, sizi en iyi bilendir. (İsra Sûresi, 54.ayetten)

ربكم اعلم بكم Which means Lord, I know you. One should know what befits God and what does not befit God. That is to clearn Allaah from all imperfection and attribute to Him all the Absolute proper perfection that befits Him. The Exalted and the Glorified.

© İsmail Hakkı Altunbezer - Levha - Besmele-i Şerif

Bi-smi-llahi-r-Rahman-r-Rahim, "In the name of Allah, the Compassionate and Merciful" .