'Íğne oyası' (Turkish lace, made with the needle). Used in the headgear of the 'Efe' (Late-Ottoman Aegean people’s militia).


Buy 'The Lacemaker' by Imber as a Spiral Notebook. place in the Mood & Ambience group – Hands at Work Challenge. place in the Bubblers' Weekly Challenge group – Hands Challenge. This is an old photo taken by me I decided to gi.

Урок 10 | Блог. Наталья Сазонова | Группы Мой Мир

румынское кружево

Урок 10 | Блог. Наталья Сазонова | Группы Мой Мир

Bobbin lace making is freaking CRAZAY! "Finland - Satakunta"

Torchon yardage on a roller pillow so work can be continuous without moving the pricking (pattern). by evangeline

Precioso tutorial. Lovely

Repeating Dove's Eyes with sides pulled in slightly gives a look similar to a Double Wedding Ring Quilt / the illusion of circles. from: Silvana - il piacere del ricamo



Bobbin Lace in progress

Bobbin Lace or Pillow Lace, An Artful Skill

Clase 2 - Como hacer orilla doble

Hi guys, I've had a few people ask to see more of my lace making. I thought I would do a beginner video for you. I've been learning how to make bobbin lace f.