Вальдорфский котик спицами, мастер-класс

Вальдорфский котик спицами, мастер-класс

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Узор СОВА спицами: видео-урок + схемы и идеи | razpetelka.ru


Find and save knitting and crochet schemas, simple recipes, and other ideas collected with love.

Like the whole outfit. Color of cardigan is gorgeous

пальто -кардиганы-жакеты-жилеты

with description and video.

узоры спицами

with description and video.

(99) I wonder if this stitch pattern has a name - YES, it does! Sea scallop on http://freeknitstitches.com/pattern.php?num=270


An interesting stitch pattern. Not in English, but it is a stitch chart that looks easy to figure out.

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Poncho nach eigenen Maßen nähen - Universal poncho diagram - The simplest construction method. If you can make a rectangle, you can make this.