mel-cat: “Madien Towers ( via Yasar Koç ) ”

* * CAT ON RIGHT: " Yoo walks in fronts of de tourists ands trips em; me wills grab de wallets ands weez split. Ands wakes up! Weez gotta do dis!

Maiden's Tower of Istanbul

Maiden's Tower of Istanbul

Maiden’s Tower (Kız Kulesi), Istanbul, Turkey

İSTANBUL - KIZ KULESİ --- Byzantine Üsküdar is the only one left over. BC has a history dating back to 24 years. Suffering the legend about the tower ending. Fortune-tellers, the Byzantine king,

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The Maiden's Tower (Turkish: Kız Kulesi) By Yaşar Koç - Istanbul, Turkey. What a pretty picture for the Maiden's Tower.