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Current and former leaders and other persons of note in politics, the military, religion, and terrorism. (Current leaders of nations will be found on region specific boards (e.g., ... "Eastern Europe_Leaders). Unless otherwise indicated, source of biographical information is Wikipedia. This board is a work in progress and not to be considered an all-inclusive list. If you know of someone who should be added, send me a message! Board last updated June 13, 2015.

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GERMANY: Helmut Kohl. Served as Chancellor of Ger. from 1982-1998 (of W. Ger. 1982–90 and of the reunited Ger. 1990–98). His 16-year tenure was the longest of any Ger. chancellor since Otto von Bismarck, and far and away the longest of any democratically elected chancellor. Oversaw the end of the Cold War; widely regarded as the main architect of Ger. reunification. Together with Fr. pres. François Mitterrand, he is also considered the architect of the Maastricht Treaty, which est. the EU. Helmut Kohl, Otto Von Bismarck, Reunification, Cold War, Einstein, Presidents, Berlin, Religion, World History

Warum Helmut Kohl den Friedensnobelpreis verdient hätte

Die Einheit wäre ohne Kohls Mut, seine Beharrlichkeit und seine tiefe europäische Gesinnung nicht möglich geworden. Deutschland wäre heute nicht das, was es ist, Angela Merkel nicht Bundeskanzlerin.

FRANCE: François Mitterrand. French statesman, who served as the 21st Pres. of France, serving from 1981-1995. The longest-serving Pres. of France and leader of the Socialist Party.  Although at times a politically isolated figure, he outmaneuvered rivals to become the left's standard bearer in every presidential election from 1965-1988, except 1969. Elected Pres. in the May 1981 presidential election, he was re-elected in 1988 and held office until 1995. 21st President, Presidential Election, Presidents, Religion, Europe, Portraits, France, Times

Vidéos : François Mitterrand, une vie en images

Retour en vidéos et en photos sur l'action de l'ancien président de la République. En partenariat avec l'Ina.

Jean Claude Juncker elected President of the European Commission; He wants Europe center-stage and technologically advanced Beast Of Revelation, European Elections, Election Process, European Council, Bible News, Executive Branch, Nation State, Money Laundering, Europe

EU: Jean-Claude Juncker: Pres. of the European Commission, the EU’s executive branch. Took office 11/1/2014. Previously PM of Luxembourg (1995-2013). The European Council (EC) officially proposed Juncker to Parliament as cand. for the Pres. on [6/27/2014]. For the 1st time the nom was not by consensus; the EC voted 26-2 to propose Juncker for the position. Voting against were Br. PM David Cameron and Hung. PM Viktor Orbán, both of whom had frequently opposed Juncker during the election…

A digest of political, social, cultural, and historical news in Poland. First Prime Minister, European Council, Communism, Foreign Policy, Poland, Presidents, September 22, Russia

Wiadomości z kraju i ze świata. Wydarzenia i Fakty dziennik.pl

Najnowsze wiadomości z kraju i ze świata. Interesują Cię wydarzenia z kraju i ze świata? Tutaj znajdziesz ciekawe fakty z kraju i ze świata

FRANCE: JACQUES CHIRAC: President from 1995-2007. Previously served as PM France from 1974-1976 & from 1986-1988 (making him the only person to hold the position of PM twice under the 5th Republic). Along with Vladimir Putin (who Chirac called "a personal friend”), Hu Jintao, & Gerhard Schröder, Chirac emerged as a leading voice against George W. Bush in 2003 during the org & deployment of the US-led military coalition to forcibly remove the GOV of IRQ which resulted in the 2003–2011 IRQ… Vladimir Putin, Eastern Europe, The Voice, Presidents, How To Remove, Military, War

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Coverage throughout the day as the fallout from Tony Blair's autobiography cotinues. My Policy, Foreign Policy, Tony Blair, Labour Party, Socialism, Us Presidents, True Friends, Afghanistan

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Coverage throughout the day as the fallout from Tony Blair's autobiography cotinues. With Andrew Sparrow

President of the European Council Herman Van Rompuy explains his love for haiku, the tiny Japanese verse form. European Council, Eastern Europe, Haiku, Bbc News, Christianity, Islamic, Presidents, Turkey

EU president Herman Van Rompuy and his love of haiku

President of the European Council Herman Van Rompuy explains his love for haiku, the tiny Japanese verse form.