Stitch Fun: Daisy Stitch in Two Colors, Take Two

--- clever idea to sew small tack stitches and then run thread through them. Easier to create complex shapes.

Embroidery Stitches More

Different types hand embroidery stitches


Embroidered bullion roses Tutorial ~ Tecnica chiaccherino con l'ago Note: isnt this basically surface needle tatting?

Брошь "Гортензия" - брошь,вышивка,вышитая брошь,брошь из льна,текстильная брошь

Buy Brooch "Hydrangea" embroidered brooch, made of linen, textile brooch. I think this idea could be used for handmade buttons!

【卷针玫瑰绣刺绣方法】卷针绣(也称绕针绣或缠针绣),这种针法常被用来绣玫瑰或蔷薇。玫瑰绣的绣线要粗一些,若用25号的十字绣线可用3~4股线来绣。在毛衣 或者毛呢衣服上可用细毛线进行刺绣。(缝艺学堂)

【卷针玫瑰绣刺绣方 - /erikadelrosario/bordado-cintas-calados/ BACK Just learning to make bouillion knots.