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three white laces are hanging on the wall
the screen is showing an image of two vases and some other items on it
a white crocheted doily with a spool of thread next to it
three pieces of white lace on a red cloth
purple and white bedding with lace trims on the pillow cases in a room
Dantelli pike takımı
the table cloths are laid out on top of each other and ready to be folded
the table is covered with many plates and placemats on top of each other
Table runner
a table with a vase filled with flowers on top of it and an instagram
three pieces of embroidered fabric with flowers on them sitting on a pink couch next to pillows
a cross stitched table runner with pink roses and crosses on black background, in the shape of letter e
a white doily sitting on top of a table
Yatak odası takımı