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Beautiful charts to decorate napkins,sweaters, or the tree. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO MY NEEDLERS! Julekugler, der skal bruges 3 firkantede plader i midi perler

This is so stinkin cute! Crochet graphghan, tapestry crochet or intarsia graph. This is an artform that has many names.

Cute idea for Cross-stitch Baby Ninja Turtles. no color chart available, just use pattern chart as your color guide. TMNT perler bead pattern by Drayzinha

Palkó-lap: 1128. A karácsony varázsa / Zauber der Weihnachten                                                                                                                                                                                 More

FINISHED PROJECT-Palko-sheet for The magic of Christmas / Zauber der Weihnachten-lots of color versions for this on site

Blue rose perler bead pattern

The place where construction meets design, beaded crochet is the act of using beads to embellish crocheted items.