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Sedat Tanrıkulu

Sedat Tanrıkulu
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Wolves mate for life, just like dogs. We make them act differently. Dogs want the same mate just like a wolf. Humans don't understand this (neither do their wallets).

(wolves) HA HA ... Uh humph,..No it was a Joke!, I swear I didn't mean it. :)

I Love wolfs! There like my favorite animal. But we must understand that wolfs like any creature are wild. So we can't just think that wolfs are any other dog. They are wild and beautiful creatures that we must have a healthy respect of.

Wolves' teeth are so big they look photoshopped. Unfortunately they're not.

EURASIAN WOLF yawning at St, Petersberg Zoo Canus lupus © Alexander Demianchuk/Reuters Apparently this fella was exhausted after celebrating the zoo’s birthday… The Eurasian Wolf also known as.


Fitzharris, Tim - Gray Wolf Running Through Water