Sedat Yıldız

Sedat Yıldız

Sedat Yıldız
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Paint time! Perhaps barbed wire instead of the typical tree? -M

I love the potential of this tree root tattoo. With every new thought, you could add to the base, a new root. Powerful depiction of life!

beautiful!  Im still trying to come up with a good (cypress) tree tattoo for myself and hubby. :)

Or get rid of the Binary Theme and Sara spelt as trees in a forest. I really love the nature theme. Really like the dense forest. I would reduce the shading cause that will blurr with time.

Kenji's Key. Different location, though

Japanese tattoo artist Kenji Alucky of Black Ink Power makes striking geometric tattoos using a distinctive stippling technique. Alucky is currently a guest artist at New York Adorned in New York city!

Based in Berlin, tattoo artist Chaim Machlev creates amazing geometric tattoos using a technique called stippling.

Simple lines, dots and geometric tattoos by famous tattoo artist Chaim Machlev at DotsToLines Tattoo Studio, Berlin, Germany.