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Lightshow DJ moves to the beat of your music, creating mesmerizing patterns on your wall.

Create a dazzling music light show in your room! Turn on the music and watch as multi-colored lights come to life on your wall and pump to the beat. Different programs match your mood and music style.

A high tech bathtub

Balance bathtub offers you triple function bathtubs at the same time. Balance bathtub offers you steam and infrared sauna heat, hydromassage with its couple dozen jets, and therapies both aroma and chroma. Need music ? Sure, no problem, Balance bathtub al

A technology car

"Toyota's new smartphone concept car, The Fun-vii." I would totally drive this around because the last time I saw a "fun-vii," Tony Stark was getting into it and it lead to his becoming Iron Man.

Zaha Hadid & Ernestomeda | technological Kitchen6

The multi-sensorial kitchen “Z.Island” is not simply a project created in order to astonish people and make them talk. The kitchen area conceived by architect Zaha Hadid in collaboration with Ernestomeda and DuPont brings with it.

High-tech sign has secret anti-abuse message for kids eyes only (Photo: ANAR / Grey Group)

The anti-child abuse poster that can ONLY be seen by children Spanish charity developed the poster campaign to give children confidence to call helpline Uses lenticular printing so message can only be seen from childs perspective