Pecera reciclada. Me encanta!!

Improve fish by using own swirly watercolour paper, do some shells, jellyfish and seaweed. Background could be wavy in two or three shades of blue.

Efeito nuvens...para festas, sessões fotográficas,...:

How To: Make Your Own Surreal DIY Cloud Wedding Backdrop

11 Kendin Yap Projesi

11 Kendin Yap Projesi

What’s great about this doormat is that water evaporates fast (depending on the materials that you use), preventing odor from building up. It’s also easier to clean as opposed to fabric door mats — simply wash it usin

solerita con crochet

Note to self: Measure chest. Crochet 6 squares that equals same measurement. Get fabric for twice that same measurement.

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Mini Foosball Table For Kids - I love make your own toy projects! Fun for the kids to try this summer?

Vingle - 아이스크림 막대기로 만드는 미로게임 ^^ - 엄마와 함께하는 감성놀이 시간

Shoebox lid & craft sticks- these are wide ones, and low temp glue gun. Endless fun and all you need is a shoe box lid and Popsicle sticks! Build a marble run or "Plinko" with all kinds of different creative designs via Frugal Fun For Boys