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the fabric has been stitched together with pictures and pins to make them look like birds
a bat embroidered onto a white shirt with yellow and blue stars on the chest pocket
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pinterest: missmadamx??
a person is stitching a skeleton on a piece of fabric
We Love These Tiny Embroidered Skeletons
the back of a black sweater with red and yellow thread on it's sleeves
Embroidered Flame Sleeve Sweatshirt 138
a piece of art that has been made to look like branches on the wall,
Raija Jokinen’s Intricate & Delicate Textile Art - KnitHacker
Diy Fashion, Couture, Tops, How To Wear, Vetements, Corset, Fashion Design
Deanna Tyson: Hooked on Kimono - TextileArtist.org
Jackets, Punk, Urban, Casual, Menswear, Clothes Design, Custom Clothes
an altered piece of fabric with a blue heart on it
Untitled | emma parker