Çapulcu Selcan Arslan

Çapulcu Selcan Arslan

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Çapulcu Selcan Arslan
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soyut resimler ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Almost rainbow colored swirls around son with cute little bird silhouette sitting in the easy to paint tree branches.

cabeceira de cama criativa de gavetas

I like the idea of going to the tip or the 'broken' furniture section in Ikea and gathering lots of empty drawers then painting them bright colours and using them as useful beautiful storage.

Студия изобразительного искусства "МАТИСС"

Студия изобразительного искусства "МАТИСС"

Learn to make an adorable watermelon pom pom — and a strawberry, and a kiwi! — in this easy tutorial.

Pom poms can add great amounts of fun to any activity, but there is more to them. You can use pom poms to create amazing crafts, your kids can also participate in creating these fun crafts. Pom poms can be made at home if you don't want to buy them off th

Futbolochnoy hilo de bordar. MK

Create designs w/ rope or fabric scraps and secure with thread. How clever w/ uniquely beautiful results! (Apparently, this is called couching, and is shown using t-shirt scraps on monk cloth.

KUFER: ZRÓB to SAM - robimy kapcie

Genius slipper design where you knit a short "scarf", fold and sew onto your bottom. **Cut soles from felt or even leather/suede, and crochet the fabric strip (or hell, sth that simple I can knit).