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the yarn is being used to make an ornament with twine and thread
Crochet Stones How To Video Class with Anne Weil
a basket hanging on the wall with tassels and plants in front of it
Latest Stylish and Trendy crochet Wall Decoration Ideas
a wooden beaded garland with eucalyptus leaves and greenery hanging on a white wall
How to Make Modern Boho Wall Hanging DIY
I’ve been really loving neutral wood wall hangings, especially with a modern boho style. I decided to make one of my own, and this is what I came up with. To start, I got two wood dowels one slightly larger than the other. I attached string to both ends of the larger dowel. This will be what it hangs from. 2.I tied the string in double knots, and then put hot glue over the knot to make sure it didn’t come undone.3.Once the glue dried I trimmed the excess string. 4.Next I tied…