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Tumblr | Instagram | Facebook More daily sketches . I'm actually really really happy with this one Sorry I'm not doing full-on digital paintings at all; most digital stuff I do ...

Illustrations by Alex Solis

The KING Michael Jackson

15 Infographics That Will Make You A Great Dancer

Dance | Thriller | Michael Jackson | How to

Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston & Prince

Mermicorn - the clean skin version I love working on the little flash sheets for the tattoos on these ink drawings Shipping some orders/special packages today Answering emails throughout the week. Thank you all for your patience. September-December 2015 was a rough time for me but things are picking up and looking positive now. I can't thank you all enough for supporting me through it all. Much love!! #graphicartery #artshare #artwork #myart #sketch #draw #artsy #arte #art #artnerd…

Giraffe Drawing Illustration Digital Print Mixed Media Art Poster Acrylic Painting Holiday Decor Drawing Gifts: Giraffe with green leaf


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Right Brain, Left Brain

Right Brain, Left Brain good assingment to for drawing at the beginning of the year.

Nearly done with this Tangled commission :)!