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Feminist definition - By Miss Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. "Equality of the Sexes"

There are many aspects of equality that feminists are trying to incorporate into equality, not just social, political and economic equality. We need to bring down the patriarchy and the conception that men are superior to women.

I can't wait to see Karma be a bitch to those of you who deserve it, and you know who you are, the same ones who need to go back to HELL where you came from. All of you "Christians" out there. REAL Christians aren't judgmental lying bitches like you. Karma's coming for you, and you will be going back to hell where you came from!

I'm going to adapt this to a Celtic script and have this as a tattoo. After surviving half a century on this planet, I've seen Karma at work, and yes, she's a bitch. TATTOO THIS ON ME NOW

Stranger Things Card - You're An Eleven

Do you have a very special person in your life? Like, so special they would make your enemies' vans flip over your heads while you're riding bikes with your besties in the If