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Love these types of pictures!

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Bob Ross Art:

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Did a man's tube sock ever look so cute? Repurpose socks, stockings & sweaters to make these snowman crafts.

Greet everyone who comes to your door with love, with this easy DIY heart wreath.

Could do them in silver, plum, & lavender!

Make an Upcycled Sock Snowman

Make an Upcycled Sock Snowman. When she split the sock into two parts I thought it looked like Torchick(from Pokèmon, I dunno how to spell his name)

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105a08e9a8f923f3c71004707e6d6ed3.jpg (736×1308)

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cool way to make a painted rock painting with the rope background

for a little girl. . . .

Clara dress but the pattern doesn't seem to be able to be purchased in English / Фото #123 - R*I*C*O* 2 - mila29

Use machine embroidery in the place of cross stitching.