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Lorina Rengin
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Clams (ocean deep sea animals clams weird beautiful)

The Maxima Clam(Tridacna maxima) also known as the Small Giant Clam or the blue-lipped clam is one of the most widely recognized species of giant clams. The beauty of its mantle with its rich variety.

Photographer: Jeremy Gibbs – RomanyWG Model: Laura Gatti Location: Abandoned villa, Italy

ALL IS NOT LOST has been five years in the making and elevates RomanyWG’s work to a new level. Working with a select group of extraordinarily fearless models, his photographs capture a different kind of beauty in abandoned buildings.

© Susan Fox / Trevillion Images

Marcelin could hardly stand to look at his wife. Because of her, his daughter had developed a steak of independence and compassion he knew he had to destroy. Marie had failed him.