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Neo Sailor Moon Weapons by on @DeviantArt

earthguardianmamoru: “ -Neo Sailor Moon Items and Weapons - Next to the Items only Here are the items and weapons for the characters…

Elemental Fuku by nads6969 on DeviantArt

Sailor Elementals First Row : Spring - Civilian form - Normal Fuku - Elemental Fuku - Princess Fuku - Ruler Fuku ("Ruler" because they rule over .

I posted an HD Version of the original transformation from Ojamajo Doremi yesterday and because this one is actually my favorite tap (and one of my favorite Magical Girl Transformation Items in Gen.

OC belongs to XNekoXMika School Uniform (same as Kousagi) Princess Sailor Saturn Galactic Sailor Saturn NSG - Forms of Saturn

School Uniform Princess Sailor Mars Galactic Sailor Mars Katrina Hino OC belongs to me NSG - Forms of Mars

School Uniform Princess Sailor Jupiter Galactic Sailor Jupiter Shinta Kino belongs to me NSG - Forms of Jupiter

These are Royal/Kuroichi's Items and Weapons. Kuroichi: Dark Tiara : Her tiara shows the influence of her state of mind and heart, becoming one with the.

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