Henri Le Frog Bookmark Crochet Pattern More

Henri le frog bookmark crochet pattern by IlDikko

felt birds

colorful felt birds garland -- link is to easy, but i like the idea of making my own felt bird garland for a christmas tree or to make felt bird ornaments

cipzár megoldás

Wool felt purse in Parchment white with colorful arrowheads embroidery. Lined with lovely wool felt on the inside.

Do this with any shape

33 Awesomely Festive Ideas For DIY Garlands

Fun Fall Craft: DIY Fall Leaves: The kiddos can cut out the leaves, we can do the sewing and VOILA! Leaf garland all over the house (and can be reused year after year!

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These decoration stuff was made from felt by my husbond s aunt.