Semkan Uragan

Semkan Uragan

Semkan Uragan
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Tattoo by Matkap Tattoo/Savaş Doğan  Custom made Venus #tattoo

The Birth of Venus (Botticelli) by Savaş Doğan - Matkap Tattoo Istanbul

Done by TJ at 2Spirit Tattoo in SF

done by TJ at Tattoo in SF… This is a “Penrose Triangle” a geometric figure impossible to reproduce in a tri-dimensional space. It was named after a swedish mathematician from the who called it “the most beautiful way to express impossible”…

hot tub on top deck spilling over into pool below

hot tub on top spilling over into pool below + swim up bar. This is such an awesome idea, but it would definitely result in people jumping from the hot tub to the pool. so it would have to be a deep pool.