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Tattoo by Matkap Tattoo/Savaş Doğan  Custom made Venus #tattoo

The Birth of Venus (Botticelli) by Savaş Doğan - Matkap Tattoo Istanbul


Bar Sink Features A Nautilus Shell Shaped Cavity Basin Want your home’s bar to be wet? The compact style of this ammonite bar sink and faucet by High Tech Design Products features a nautilus shell.

a perfect circle x actually love this. Love the simplicity of this tattoo. If I'd get a tattoo.this would definitely be it. Always been attracted to circles.

Done by TJ at 2Spirit Tattoo in SF

done by TJ at Tattoo in SF… This is a “Penrose Triangle” a geometric figure impossible to reproduce in a tri-dimensional space. It was named after a swedish mathematician from the who called it “the most beautiful way to express impossible”…

wow tattoo

2 Spirit Tattoo - San Francisco, CA, United States. The sleeve that started it all on Blake R. Tattoo & Photo by Resident Artist - Roxx