Celtic patterns - Keltische patronen

Celtic Knotwork inspiration: Celtic Knotwork RW Series In no way do you have to use any of these, though if you find one that inspires you.


Guns Roses and Swallows - Custom Etsy Shop Package - Vintage Victorian Tattoo Inspired Shop Banner Avatar and Custom Shop Graphics

Welcome to Dover Publications

Welcome to Dover Publications Creative Haven Arabic Patterns Coloring Book 3


Would make a great wall hanging or table runner (applique) Arabic Floral Patterns Coloring Book

From, "A Handbook of Ornament". 1898 by Franz Sales Meyer.

From, "A Handbook of Ornament". 1898 by Franz Sales Meyer.Great for borders on…

Frame 2 - Free Printable Coloring Pages

Frame 2 - Free frame templates: students write an idiom at the top, and create a visual literal interpretation of it. They write the figurative meaning at the bottom.

Turkish Motifs and patterns

Turkish Motifs and patterns: Turkish Motifs and patterns