Doily table runner

lace table runner and burlap. You could have a burlap runner down the middle of the table and then a few doiles in the center with the mason jars and wood round placed on top of them.

Russian dantele

Duplet 138 Russian crochet patterns

Duplet 138 Four pike kenar dantel örnekleri beautiful filet lace edgings with floral motifs.

Bordures de finition - Bordures de… - Bordures de… - Bordures de… - Le blog de Anne

Bordures de finition - Beautiful crochet lace edgings, most with corner turns included.

El recetario de Lanezi: Camino de mesa de piñas

El recetario de Lanezi: Camino de mesa de piñas this doily is stunning. note that this pic shows the doily upside down from where you start.

Crochet - Doily Patterns - Square Pineapple Doily

Crochet - Home & Kitchen - Doily - Pineapple Patterns Crochet an exquisite doily, stitched with size 10 crochet cotton. Size: Approximately x Skill Level: Intermediate